Free Shipping in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping free in the U.S.?
Why yes, it is.
    Yeah but is it free in the U.S. for this item over here?
    Yup. We do not charge shipping in the U.S.
      Is it free outside of the U.S.?
      Nope, sorry.
      Why not?
      We don't make the rules. Well, kind of. It's complicated. We wish we could.
      Will production and shipping of my order be slow because of Covid-19?
      It's 2020, in the USA. Define "slow".
      Our suppliers are excellent and they do the best anyone can - besides Amazon and their sub-contracted legions.
      Speeds are actually getting a bit back to normal (fyi we don't rely solely on the USPS. Sigh...impeach LeJoy)
      We refund if your order is defective (rare but it happens), but not for other reasons. Let us know, show us a pic, and we'll work it out. Contact support by opening a ticket in the lower right of your screen (best), or email directly (not best, but please feel free) at .
      Order cancellations
      If you want to cancel an order, let us know. Contact support (lower right). We'll work with our supplier to refund if possible. If they've already begun production, we can't offer a refund.
      Are you making money off your children?
      Actually, they're making the bazillions. This is their self-created, self-enrolled apprenticeship in entrepreneurship 102 (101 was lemonade and tea stands).